Revelation Power Group | Let's start being pure again...
Revelation Power Group is a community hub for citizens to unity and work together.
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We are a group of men and women, from various professions, who enthusiastically desire to be a part of what is respectable in this world. Throughout our own personal journeys, we have come to realize the importance of sharing our failures as well as triumphs to influence others to begin to lead a happy, healthy, and well-rounded way of life, for an astonishing future.

We desire to provide our services to individuals of all ages, from middle-class families to divorced households, families experiencing incarceration of a loved one, and to all of those in between. Wholly we understand what it means to desire a legacy for our families as well as the lack of the necessary resources to achieving those goals.

The absence of appropriate role models in what has been classified as, “the fatherless generation”, in which we believe to be a major contributor to the hindrance of the future leaders of our nation, hence we have set out to create a new culture. That is formed by establishing a cohesive community-based structure in which is centered around the principles of success and the implantation of positive mindfulness which in turn will lead to positive actions.

It is our mission, at Revelation Power Group, to promote a lifestyle of leadership and growth, giving the power to the people to take back and strengthen their communities. By utilizing partnerships with local non-profits, churches and city government, we will provide mentors to all ages. Thereby, creating a common atmosphere focused on entrepreneur and leadership skills, acquiring financial stability and creating a desire to give back.

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